What’s Up?

I started my business in 2015 and have loved getting to know my clients and quilting their amazing quilts. My business has been incredibly successful since the day I started. I’m so grateful to do what I love. Being self employed is a dream come true however there’s some things that it can’t provide, like insurance benefits. I made the decision over the summer that with 1 kid in college and the other quickly approaching a out of state tuition, I should get a second job. At the same time the universe decided it would be a great time for every single client I’ve ever quilted for to send me their quilts.

It’s been 2 months since I started at Wells Fargo as a bank teller and it’s been quite a adjustment but I think I’ve done a pretty good job at working all day and quilting all night! I slept 10 hours last night and I really needed it. Today I spent 8 hours on a custom quilt that I’m hoping to finish tomorrow. Therefore I’ve made the decision not to offer custom quilting because I really don’t have the time, energy or desire to do it anymore. So if you have a quilt that you need quilted, I’m happy to do it as long as you don’t need custom and you can wait a couple of weeks to get it back.

Then Came June

When Meghan contacted me for quilting I was like Wahoo!!!! She dropped them off and immediately got started. I loved that she wanted straight lines, even though they can be very challenging for a longarm quilter, I was up for it. Longarmers will agree that if your machine is in a bad mood you will get endless thread breaks when it stitches right to left which is incredibly frustrating. My machine was in a great mood and got through both of these in one afternoon. The 2nd quilt is a pattern that she just released called Blakely, named after her just born niece. It was hard to keep it under wraps but totally worth it! I love all of her patterns, she’s so talented.

2020 Covid and Quilts

Probably the only good thing about this year is how many people have been quilting during quarantine. I’ve been so busy and I’ve loved it! Today I’m taking a moment to share with you some of the amazing quilts I’ve been so lucky to quilt. It’s way too many to blog about each one, if you have any questions about them just send me a message! Enjoy!