Then Came June

When Meghan contacted me for quilting I was like Wahoo!!!! She dropped them off and immediately got started. I loved that she wanted straight lines, even though they can be very challenging for a longarm quilter, I was up for it. Longarmers will agree that if your machine is in a bad mood you will get endless thread breaks when it stitches right to left which is incredibly frustrating. My machine was in a great mood and got through both of these in one afternoon. The 2nd quilt is a pattern that she just released called Blakely, named after her just born niece. It was hard to keep it under wraps but totally worth it! I love all of her patterns, she’s so talented.

2020 Covid and Quilts

Probably the only good thing about this year is how many people have been quilting during quarantine. I’ve been so busy and I’ve loved it! Today I’m taking a moment to share with you some of the amazing quilts I’ve been so lucky to quilt. It’s way too many to blog about each one, if you have any questions about them just send me a message! Enjoy!

Vintage Lace Quilt

The only problem quilting for customer’s is the inspiration I get from their beautiful quilts! My customer Kathy showed me this beautiful Vintage Lace pattern by Lo and Behold and the next thing I knew I was ordering all the fabrics! I’ve never been great at piecing but I love how this turned out. Quilting design is Luminosity, I love the texture and colors.

Lots of quilts and a new puppy!

OK so the real reason we finally decided to take the plunge and buy a new house was really so we could get a puppy!  On June 20th we brought our new baby Holly home. I had no idea how much work and how much fun it would be! We made some mistakes like allowing her to sleep in our bed at first, having to wash the bedding two days in a row put a stop to that.  She is so sweet and funny, it’s really brought our family together as we all share the responsibilities. Thank God for the crate, she is already sleeping in it all night without a sound.  I’ve managed to keep up with all my quilts as usual and I welcome even more business! I have attached just a small sample of some of the beautiful quilts my customer’s have made.  Gotta go snuggle with my pup now.