Why I love to quilt

 When I discovered quilting I was completely astonished how the contrast of light and dark fabrics could completely transform a quilt, it blew my mind!  I fell in love just playing around with fabrics, “wow, look how the entire quilt changed just by turning that one block”! 

When I started free motion quilting it was a challenge to get my body and mind to work together to  relax and create designs.  Soon it became like painting to me.  That is how I feel about quilting, the fabric is a blank canvas that I get to paint with thread! 

The best feeling for me is when I get a call from a customer that would like me to quilt for them.  Each time it’s like a brand new invitation to create something new.  I am excited and my head swirls with ideas and it’s terrifying all at the same time!  It’s a challenge that I welcome with open arms because seeing a customer’s face when they see their quilt is priceless!  The excitement and happiness and sometimes tears of joy fill me with delight!   


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