Feeling Chipper and more!

Thanks to social media outlets like Instagram I have been hired to create some pretty spectacular quilts!  These two came to me from a new customer by the name of Ruthie Windsong, her name is enough to delight me!!  The first quilt is from a new fabric line from Tula Pink called Chipper, the pattern is the Scrappy Trip Along.  I fell in love with this quilt, her fabric choices and placement are amazing.  The moment I saw this quilt on Instagram, even before she hired me, the first design that came to mind was Water Drops from Natalia Majors.  Although you can hardly see the quilting on the top, the chipmunk fabrics and spirals made me think of a dewy meadow so I thought, Water Drops!  The back is my all time favorite fabric from Tula Pink called Free Fall, it’s 108 wide so it makes the perfect backing and it has a beautiful sateen finish which quilts like a dream!!  I think Ruthie will be very happy with this quilt!!

The second quilt Ruthie has named “The Beast”!  Apparently this was a quilt that has been in the works for a very long time and she finally got it done!  First she had planned on me doing custom work which would have been a dream come true for me but once her daughter saw her completed quilt she said she had to have it.  Her daughter wants to make it into a duvet cover so her thought was to have very minimal quilting.  We both agreed that the design, Diagonal Plaid by Patricia Ritter was the perfect choice.  I used a large scale to quilt it and I think “The Beast” turned out beautiful!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to quilt for Ruthie, and her daughter!!


2 thoughts on “Feeling Chipper and more!

  1. Lisa Nielsen says:

    I love how both of these turned out, Karlee! My first attempt at making a scrappy tripalong didn’t go too well, but this one is beautiful, especially with the waterdrops design. The Beast turned out pretty awesome, too!


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