T-Shirt Treasures

My Gammill Statler Stitcher is absolutely the most amazing machine in the world!Typically T-shirt quilts make me go eek!  Lots of layers and unpredictable fabrics.  Lana, the same customer that made the Ducks quilt, made this for her other grandson using his cherished T-shirts, full of memories.  And of course he too had to have Minky!!  All the challenges that T-shirt quilts typically pose were absolutely zero because Lana is an expert at piecing!  This quilted like a regular quilt, my machine just zoomed right over every t-shirt every border was perfect and the back!!!  Holy cow that minky back is so awesome!!!!!!  I bought several pebble designs but none of them were quite the scale that I wanted, until I saw this Pebbles design by Kim Diamond, it was perfect, there weren’t too many small pebbles so the minky stayed soft and the top not too dense.  Thank you Lana for another incredible quilt!


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