I have known Linda for many years, she practically lives at The Pine Needle Quilt Shop which is the best quilt shop in town.  Linda is the real deal when it comes to quilting, she’s brilliant.  When Linda asked me to quilt her Tula Pink Moxie quilt I was beyond honored!!  This was such an incredible opportunity for me to use so many different quilting techniques.  Many people think that having a quilting computer makes it easy when in actuality setting up or drawing your own designs and manipulating them to stitch the way you want in the space that you are working with takes great skill and time.  Unfortunately it’s hard to see in the pictures all the different designs I used but I just loved how it turned out and so did she!!


4 thoughts on “Moxie

  1. insearchofitall says:

    That’s some incredible quilting on your part. You’ve done something different in almost every section which makes them all stand out beautifully. Anyone who thinks it’s easy should give it a go. I tried to quilt a top on my home machine. Won’t make that mistake again. Thank goodness it was not a quilt that I invested a lot of time or money in making. That’s one beautiful quilt.


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