Beautiful as always…

After finishing 3 Patriotic quilts, one was custom, for Carole Lyse-Shaw who is currently writing a book about Modern Patriotic Quilts.  I am back to quilting for my number one customer Ruthie.  It was a very happy mail day last week when I received 3 of her beautiful as always quilts!  The first one was made with Cheery Lemon Fabric by Ciana Bodini.  I chose the cutest double feather clam design, it’s just precious!

The next quilt Ruthie made was a Churn Dash pattern using all Lizzy House fabrics, from several lines.  It had so many interesting elements, butterflies, stars, and dinosaurs it was hard to narrow down a design.  Ruthie came up with the idea to do rocks.  We found a great design called River Bed and I just love it, not just because it matches my nails too!!  Can’t wait to show you the next one, almost finished!


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