This weekend I was looking for a quick project.  I have so many beautiful fabrics but I really don’t enjoy piecing, I just want to quilt.  So this was the perfect project for me and a chance to use my Art Gallery Smooth Denim fabrics.  I pieced this on my longarm!  I am currently investing a lot of my time in my quilting software called Art and Stitch. It’s an amazing program made for digitizing quilting designs, the possibilities are endless and the learning curve is steep.  So, I drew up this quilting design, nothing super original, I am sure another quilter has created the same design but it just came to me and I made it repeatable and thought it would be fun to use on this little project.  Before quilting this it was just wonky strips of fabric but once I quilted it, the design completely brought it to life. I am going to be doing a lot more of these.  I even did the binding, my least favorite part, shhhh I steam a seamed it so I didn’t have to hand sew!


One thought on “Experiment

  1. Ruthie Windsong says:

    Super cool Karlee!! I love the pattern, and sometimes the simple pieced tops are the most stunning! I’ve been sewing my bindings by machine… Done enough now that I’m pretty good at it! 😜


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