T-shirt quilt with some flair!

I met Sarah at a nail salon in West Linn over the summer.  She heard my mom and I discussing an epic quilt I had just finished hence treating myself to a mani/pedi!  She mentioned she had a T-shirt quilt that she had made for her daughter.  She also mentioned it had some challenges such as sequins, oh and it had t-shirts on both sides!  Eek!  I said I could probably just find a way to stitch around them, no problem.  Luckily I gave her my business card because here she was 4 months later asking me to quilt for her!  When we met she also said that she wanted to put in a little extra flair like a tribute to her heritage.  We chose a Celtic block design that I would insert into one of the blocks somewhere on the quilt.  Little did I know just how much of a custom job this quilt would become.  I put some really cool designs around the sequins blocks and added her Celtic block, the quilting design is called Bordeaux.  I love how it turned out and she was beyond thrilled!


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