Where It’s @


When I brought Stella by Starlight to Dawn, I had no idea she had another quilt for me to do!  I had seen this quilt called Where it’s @ on her blog and loved it immediately!!  The pattern is by Karla Alexander called Rewind which she taught at A Quilters Affair in Sisters over the summer.  Dawn’s fabrics are absolutely stunning and of course her quilting is perfection.  She mentioned she really liked the look of the Modern Curves design.  Although it’s by far one of my absolute favorite quilting designs it has a reputation for being very problematic for longarm quilters.  You may not know this about longarm machines but they don’t like to quilt from right to left for long stretches.  You usually get thread shredding a breakage.  I have had trouble in the past with this design however I was determined to be the master of my machine and knowing how to troubleshoot possible problems only comes with experience.  I really was a wreck about quilting it but once again I just dove in and got started.  It was a huge relief to finish this quilt and the best part is, I didn’t have one single problem, the quilting went flawless and check out how cool it looks!!!  This quilt will be on display at The Pine Needle Quilt Shop soon and of course go to http://www.firstlightdesigns.com to learn more about Dawn and her amazing quilts.


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