Pickled Fish


I followed Ruthie’s Instagram posts as she made this incredible quilt called Pickled Fish.  I was beyond excited when she told me I would be quilting it!  My mom came over while I was quilting it and she was so in love with it, she said “Wow!  I love the fabric and the pattern, I would make that quilt!”  I said “mom, it’s paper pieced and quite a challenge.”  And she said “oh, nevermind!”  My mom is a perfect piecer and could totally do this but paper piecing isn’t something I see her really wanting to take on, not with all the other amazing artistic things she does.  The quilting design is called Swan Song.  I had this design in mind for this quilt for a while, it’s perfect for this quilt!


One thought on “Pickled Fish

  1. Ruthie Windsong says:

    To be fair, only the “teeth” around the center oval shape are Paper Pieced, and they could easily be pieced regularly! The most challenging part is that there are so many curves it just takes a long time for each block… and I like quick finishes. This took me nearly two months, lol!


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