Mini Mod Tiles


This little beauty has been patiently waiting to get quilted while I worked through a big stack of edge to edge quilts and a vacation to Hawaii.  Custom quilts always lurk in the back of my mind, maybe more like haunt me!  Because I don’t do a lot of custom quilting every time I do one I feel like a beginner.  It’s a challenge to choose the right designs, the best way to travel without starting and stopping a bunch of times and choosing the right tools to use.  Dawn White’s quilts are always perfectly constructed which makes things easier. When we met to discuss what to do she suggested a crosshatch design for the white areas and a simple echo in the blue shapes.  I marked all the crosshatch areas with a water soluble pen and used rulers to stitch the lines and travel along the curves.  I really like the lines in the yellow.  I thought I was finished but something about the blue shapes I didn’t totally love, it needed something but I kept thinking about Dawn wanting an echo design, she does not like dense quilting and I didn’t want to insult her.  Thinking I was finished I sent Dawn a text with some pictures.  In her response she asked if I thought the blue areas needed more quilting.  I was so relieved that she suggested filling in that space.  Luckily I hadn’t trimmed it so reloading it on the frame was easy.  I couldn’t sleep all night trying to think about what to quilt in that space.  I bought several designs before I decided on a simple point to point arc and viola it’s perfect!  Now back to a huge stack of more edge to edge quilts before my next custom quilt which will be an epic challenge for me!


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