Nw quilting expo


The 2017 Nw Quilting Expo is here and what a great one it is! Dawn White sent me a text the other night to tell me that her “Where it’s at” quilt had received a 2nd place ribbon and it’s one that I quilted! It won in the Intermediate quilt category, that’s her posing with her quilt in the first picture.  Just look at that quilt isn’t it stunning?!

So today I went to the Expo to check it out. I was totally shocked to see another quilt I had quilted for Cathy Calvin with a 2nd place ribbon in the Modern quilt category. I was there in time for the award ceremony which was fun.  I sent Cathy a text to tell her that her quilt won a ribbon, she had no idea! And it’s her birthday today, what a great gift!  Funny thing is that for both quilts I quilted the same design called Modern Curves, it’s one of my favorites.  Next goal is to win an award for custom quilting, someday.

I never dreamed I would be so fortunate to quilt for the most talented people.



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