Quilts lately

I’m in New York with my family for Thanksgiving right now. Spent a few days in the city and will be spending Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. We are having so much fun! On my to do list for my vacation was to catch up on my blog. Since I’m so behind I thought I would do a collaborative post. I’ve been quilting a ton lately. There is a beautiful Aviatrix Medallion quilt that I quilted with Seafoam. There is an antique looking dresden quilt that I quilted and bound, I love the large scale Modern Loops. The Clams are quilt prep that I have doing for a class I am taking from Latifah on December 9th at fabric depot. Jodine finished her Pine Needle retreat quilt which I quilted with Modern Snails. She also brought me her Rewind quilt which is the one with the wonky log cabins, I used Extension, I love her fabrics! I finished piecing my Summer sampler quilt, I still need to put the backing together and quilt it, that’s on the back burner. Cathy made the double sided quilt, I used Modern Geometric, I think. Carole Lyse-Shaw published her Modern Patriotic book. One of the quilts I did for her is on the cover! It’s a fantastic book. Missy’s quilt is Mini Mod Tiles, Dawn White teaches this quilt in a class at The Pine needle, so gorgeous.  I coming home to a big stack of quilts I’m looking forward to sharing!


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