Elephant and I Quilt

This is the 4th ‘Elephant and I Quilt’  I have quilted and I have love all of them. Mary hired me because I had quilted her friend Diana’s elephant quilt years ago.  I met Mary well over a month ago at Fabric Depot, she said there was no rush which was good for me considering I hadn’t done any free motion in maybe a year, I needed to practice!  Being all caught up on quilts it was time to start this one. I had done some free motion on my Glam Clam Quilt so I felt ready to go.  What wasn’t sitting well with me was the light top and black backing. This style of free motion quilting is organic and there is lots of over stitching with the pebbles and feather spines, I knew white thread would look terrible on the back. So I decided to try using cream on top and black in the bobbin.  This can be tricky if your tension isn’t balanced, you don’t want to see black on the top or white on the back. My tension was perfect and you would never know that there were 2 color threads used. Phew. I love how the feathers pop with the wool batting!  I can’t wait for Mary to see it!


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