Love Quilt

This is by far one of my proudest quilts to date!  Another quilt from Lana!!  This one is a wedding gift for her neighbor that she made using fabric colors from their favorite football team.  It’s a very simple pattern from Tula Pink called the Love Quilt.  When Lana said she had a Love Quilt for me I lit up with excitement, I have seen the beautiful quilting that others have done on this quilt.  I immediately started drawing up ideas and had planned on  very organic free motion with some compositional elements mixed in.  When she brought me the quilt I wasn’t expecting the Essex Linen fabric and red flannel backing so my thoughts about how to quilt it.  The challenges were thread color and fabric texture and not being able to see my quilting on the blue linen fabrics.  I didn’t want the back to look sloppy from organic free motion, it needed more composition and perfect stitches.  So I just started playing around, this was the first time I have ever pre-marked a quilt before loading it which helped tremendously, I didn’t follow all the markings but they made for great reference points.  I took a class on iQuilt from Judy Madsen and her class quilt resembled the elements of this quilt so I used that as inspiration to build the frames in the center and create the effect of the diagonal lines running through it.  This was a true labor of Love, I learned so much and it was such an awesome challenge to express my creativity.  It just goes to show how much the quilting truly brings a quilt to life!


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