Sweet Success

I think I say this after every custom quilt I finish, but this one really is an achievement for me!  Diane and her granddaughter made this quilt together and I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to custom quilt it!  The pattern is a Snowball Quilt, 80×92.  Overwhelmed at first with what to do I stared at the picture for days, drawing and planning.  I had planned to do one design in each block throughout the entire quilt, do an orange peel in the surrounding blocks and some other fun stuff in the sashing surrounding the Octagon.  However once I got the quilt and loaded it, my plans changed completely as always.

There aren’t a lot of Octagon digital designs out there but fortunately the incredibly talented Kay Oft from Mountain Top Quilting was kind enough to design some specific Octagon block designs for me!  I couldn’t believe she was willing to offer so much of her time and talent in helping me make this a spectacular quilt.  We made a great team!

The border design I did was called Modern Flower, it worked perfectly and it was my first time quilting a border down the sides of the quilt without taking the quilt off the frame and turning it, success!  I love the orange peel circles in the surrounding blocks.  Every Octagon block is a unique design, some from Kay, some were ones I designed myself, 42 Octagon blocks all different!

I had so much fun quilting this and utilized every bit of quilting skill I have thus far.  Diane hasn’t seen it yet, she is in Hawaii!  Lucky!  I can’t wait for her to see it and off it will go with her granddaughter to college.


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