Fancy Forest


Jessica made this Fancy Forest quilt in a class at Modern Domestic.  I made some pillows for my daughter a while ago, the hedgehog and the fox I think, I cannot even imagine making the entire forest!!  Originally Jessica had wanted custom quilting, I considered it but I really felt that the animals and fabrics are the main focus, any fancy custom quilting I do really wouldn’t show so why spend the time and money on custom.  It was a great decision and I was so thrilled she chose Peacock Feathers as the quilting design.  The back is this wonderful flannel and with wool batting it’s an absolute dream!!


One thought on “Fancy Forest

  1. Lana Kamerer says:

    Hi Karlee, This turned out so great. Looking at the quilting from the back, I was wondering what you would think about my diamond quilt in this pattern. It sort of mimics that shape.


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