Raindrops on cuteness!


I know right????  I was so thrilled to quilt for Ruthie’s sister who lives in San Diego.  She loves to sew but hates to quilt, that’s where I come in.  Barbara and I texted design ideas back and forth, we considered umbrella’s and clouds and all kinds of things.  In the end Barbara chose raindrops. It was a slam dunk, look how amazing it is! The fabrics are adorable and I just love everything about it!  Keep sewing Barbara!


3 thoughts on “Raindrops on cuteness!

  1. Ruthie Windsong says:

    I’m so glad you and Barbara got to work together! Now she knows what a joy you are to work with and what an amazing quilter you are!! It makes no difference, near or far, if you’re going to mail a flimsy to be quilted. 😊 I hope it the first of many!


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