Lucy in the Sky #1


Another stunner from Lana!  This pattern is called Lucy in the Sky by Kristin la Flamme who works at the Pine Needle Quilt Shop.  Lana took this class and not only did she make one for her bed but she made a second for her grandson’s school auction.  She’s amazing!  We talked about designs and chose a feather pattern for her quilt but this one we weren’t sure about.  When she showed me the backing it was a no brainer, Water Drops is perfect!  You probably can’t see it in the picture but the back has these beautiful silver rings.  The quilt is amazing and as usual perfectly pieced!  It will be a little while before I do the second one but am looking forward to it!  I hope this quilt raises a ton of money, I may actually go to the auction and bid on it I love it so much!


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