Terrazzo Tiles Quilt

This is a quilt by Dawn White she has named the Terrazzo Tiles Quilt.  It’s actually a Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern called Mini Mod Tiles that Dawn enlarged.  It’s such a beautiful quilt, I was honored when she asked me to quilt it.  She needed it back quickly for a retreat she would be teaching at.  So as usual my mind started spinning with “what do I do?”  I have some large sheets of plexi-glass that I like to lay on top of my quilts to audition designs.  That helps me tremendously.  I stared at it and drew and drew and didn’t sleep for days.  I couldn’t just get started because I had to go to CA for the weekend for a family event plus I needed to wait for periwinkle thread to be delivered.  At least I was occupied on the airplane both ways, drawing and drawing and drawing.  I had pretty much settled on some elements of the quilting that I wanted to do and as soon as I got home from CA I got started.  Stitching is the ditch is so hard and exhausting took me days to do that part.  Then I started on the white.  I can’t really describe it but the quilt made me think of some kind of Italian iron chair or the legs of a mosaic tile table.  I have no idea where that came from but that’s how I wanted the quilting to look.  I love how the rings flow all over the quilt.  I changed the thread to periwinkle to do that black tiles and the purple rings.  You can’t see the design in the purple but it’s cool!  I also really like how the piano key border frames it and gives it that modern touch.  Needless to say this was a challenge and invigorating for me to stretch my custom quilting mind.  Another beautiful quilt from Dawn.


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