Fanciest Forest Ever


When the amazingly talented Kristin LaFlemme who works at the Pine Needle Quilt Shop asked me to quilt her Fancy Forest quilt I was like sure no problem, then she said how about custom?  Gulp.  Usually people just do edge to edge designs on these but this was an opportunity for me to really bring these critters to life!  I have been dying to try this border idea so this was perfect!  For the border I used rulers and I really can’t believe I did it.  It’s trickier then it looks to travel along the stitching lines and find the flow.  The animals were great, I gave each one its own personality.  The background was all free motion which I never think my free motion looks very good but I think it adds an organic element to the quilt.  I also really love the echoed triangles around the inner border.  The stitching in the ditch is always quite a task and I decided to echo each animal with a small outline.  I am just thrilled with how it turned out, as is Kristen!  It’s hanging at the Pine Needle if you want to see it!


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